Citizen folder

If you wish to view all the information generated during your electronic relations with the Autonomous Administration, you must access your Citizen's Folder on Generalitat: My User folder ( (you can find the link on - Citizen's Folder).

It is important that you confirm beforehand that you meet the necessary requirements (you can find help under the point Access requirements for the personal area). Through this area you will have access to:

  • All the online notifications received.
  • The registration receipts generated at the beginning of all the procedures carried out online (This information will be displayed within 10 minutes of making the registration entry).
  • The files submitted at the time of registration (for those register entries made in the centralised register, if they have been made in another register you will not be able to download them).
  • A list of pending procedures to be completed.
  • Information concerning the requested proxy authorisations.
  • Information on the status of active files. Please note that you may not be able to see all the files open with the Generalitat Valenciana at that moment, but they will gradually be added to your Citizen's Folder.

You should bear in mind that the Generalitat Valenciana Citizen Folder does not store, modify or translate the name and surname of the persons accessing it, but is limited to displaying the information associated with the identification details supplied, which can be carried out through the following systems: 

  • Cl@ve pin / Cl@ve permanente, if, when accessing using either of these methods, the details that appear in the GVA citizen’s folder are not correct, you should contact the Cl@ve system support. 

  • Digital certificate, in this case, you can check the information stored in your certificate on the following web page: If the details that appear in this validation are not correct, you must go to the Certification Authority that issued it, so that they can correct them.