Sistemas de identificación y firma aceptado

The Electronic Office facilitates access through the use of various identification systems. Identification systems allow to prove the identity of the citizen.

The certificates comply with Law 15/2014, of September 16, on Rationalization of the Public Sector and other Administrative Reform Measures.

In general, it can be processed with::


Identification through the National Identity Document number or Foreigner Identity Number (DNI / NIE). More information.



Identification through certificates issued by the FNMT. More information.



Identification through certificates issued by the ACCV. More information.



Identification through Cl@ve. More information.


The Electronic Office uses the @firma platform of the General State Administration for the validation of electronic certificates.


All recognized certificates included in the Trust List of Certification Service Providers (TSL) established in Spain, published in the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism will also be accepted.

We recommend that you check the validity of the certificate at the following address: (if you do not pass the validation of the certificate, you must contact the issuing body).