Organ Stamps

Electronic seals or organ seals are a type of electronic signature used by Public Administrations that allows identifying and authenticating a specific automated administrative action.

The Organ Seal certificates are used to:

    - Identify and sign administrative acts through computer systems without direct intervention of the competent natural person, thus enabling:

    - The automated action of the Public Administrations through properly programmed information systems and without direct intervention in the specific act of a human person.

On the website of the Electronic Certification and Technology Agency of the Valencian Community (ACCV) you can find details about this type of electronic certificates.

To validate the certificates of electronic stamps whose competence belongs to the Valencian Government, directly and free of charge, you can follow the following steps:
  • Download the public part of the certificate of the electronic seal used for signing a PDF document.
  • Access the VALIDe certificate validation service, a platform offered by the General State Administration.
  • Follow the prompts to properly configure the validation service.
  • Once the validation service has been configured, click on the link that says "If your electronic certificate is on a storage device or on your hard drive, select this link".
  • Pressing the "Browse" button, select the certificate you want to validate.
  • Enter the security code.
  • Press the "Validate" button, the information about the validity of the selected certificate will appear.

To download the public part of the electronic certificate used to sign a PDF document, follow these steps:
  • Open the signed document with Adobe Acrobat.
  • From the signature panel, position yourself on the signature and with the right button choose the option "Show signature properties".
  • From the signing properties window, select "Show signer certificate".
  • In the Summary tab, click on the "Export" button. Save the exported data in a file "Certificate file". A file with a .cer extension will be stored.