You can access notifications by accessing the Generalitat Valenciana Communications System:

To be able to view the notifications correctly, check that your browser does not have pop-up blocking activated by performing the following steps:

  1. Access the communications system directly
  2. Check your browser's settings to allow pop-ups/new windows
  3. Access with another browser that does not have a pop-up restriction

Please note that in order to access the notification, you must access it using the certificate corresponding to the recipient of the notification, i.e. if the notification was issued to a company, you must access it using a company certificate issued for that Tax ID number; if the notification was issued to an individual, you must access it using the personal certificate issued for that ID number.

If you have already logged in, please note the following points:

  • If the notification has expired: you must be able to access the documents on the screen itself. As regards how to proceed with the appearance or acceptance of the notice, you should contact the organisation that issued the notice.
  • If, when you access the notification, the document is empty or there are no resolution documents in the notification: you should contact the organisation that generated the notification to have it revised, re-notified or to be offered a way to provide it to you.

Here is a URL detailing how to contact the Citizen's Advice Service, in case you do not know how to get in touch directly with the Conselleria:

On-line attention - 012 - Atención a la ciudadanía - Guía PROP - Generalitat Valenciana (

Check the settings of the browser you are using as it may be blocking the new window; alternatively try other browsers. In the case of notifications, as an alternative, you should know that they are also accessible from the Generalitat Valenciana's Communications System via the following website:

The Generalitat’s Notifications Module is integrated with a Blockchain register to improve the traceability and security of the notifications activities it undertakes. More detailed information on this report is available here.