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In principle, the Electronic Office offers information on procedures and services. Both to be able to download documents and applications (whether they are to be completed or completed), as well as to carry out a telematic processing.

The requirements for obtaining information on procedures and services are:

  • Operating systems:
    • Windows 7 or higher 32/64 bits.
    • macOS 10.14 or higher.
    • Linux and Lliurex 15 (v. or higher). Any version with web browser support, only with a centralized certificate (Cl@ve)
  • Web browsers:
    • Google Chrome 46 or higher.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer v9 or higher.
    • Microsoft Edge v20.
    • Mozilla Firefox 41.0.1 or higher.
    • Safari 9.0 or higher.
  • Standard PDF document reader software, to view the associated documentation.


The requirements to be able to start a telematic procedure require identification:

However, it is recommended to consult the manual corresponding to the type of signature to be used for a correct configuration of the work environment.

Before starting to carry out any electronic processing, a simulation can be done by: Simulación de un trámite.

Additional information

Before starting a telematic process with a certificate, it is recommended to also check the necessary requirements to obtain information on procedures and services.

For compatibility with mobile devices, it is necessary to install the mobile Client @Firma, available for free from Google Play or Apple's App Store.