Signature Verification Systems

Secure Verification Code:


One of the favoring elements of electronic administration is the use of electronic signatures thanks to which citizens can carry out truly secure transactions and interact with the administration with maximum legal efficiency.

The use of the electronic signature guarantees:

  • The privacy of information, which can only be read by authorized persons.
  • The integrity of the information, which cannot be altered in the course of its shipment or subsequent storage.
  • Authenticity, because it confirms that the message received has been sent by the person who says he sent it or that the message received is what was expected.
  • The non-repudiation or confirmation of the authorship of a message sent or of an action taken, because the origin of them cannot be rejected.

Due to the multiple certificates that can be used for identification and signature, implementing systems that support all functionalities and relationships with CAs can be complex and expensive.