You can consult the electronic procedures that can be carried out with a certificate on: Results - Sede electronica - Generalitat Valenciana (

It is possible to continue an incomplete procedure when accessing without a certificate. To do so, you must save the link using the button provided for this purpose. The saved link allows you to subsequently access the unfinished application in the same state in which you left it.

For the data in the form to be saved, you must press the submit button at the end of the form and the form must pass all the validations, i.e. if you see an alert indicating that data is missing or incorrect, the request will not be sent and will not be saved.

Once the form has passed the validations, a green tick will appear next to the form, meaning "Form or step completed". If you then exit with the "Close" button, you can retrieve the application with the saved link. You must be careful not to exit with the "Cancel request" button, as in that case the data will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

If you are in the register and are unable to obtain/view the receipt, please check your browser settings as some browser versions block the downloading of files; we also suggest you add the process website as a trusted site and watch out for possible pop-up blocking alerts.

Finally, check your pop-up blocking settings and if they continue to be blocked, try a different browser.

If you have finished the registration and have not been able to obtain the receipt, you will have to try to do so from your Citizen Folder, as your session will have expired and it will be impossible for you to do so at this point.

Access your Citizen Folder on Generalitat: My User folder (

Select the application you have just submitted in the Submitted Applications section.

You will be able to download the two versions of the receipt by clicking on the Download button on the screen and retrieving the files submitted at the time of registration (utility available from 22/07/19 with no retroactive effect). This information can be viewed from the day after it was submitted).

If nothing happens when you click on the button, you may have a setting in your browser that prevents files from being downloaded: check your browser options or try another browser; adding as a trusted site may resolve this.

Having an application started and not completed is not a problem as long as you have not made a payment for that application.

The application will disappear from your Citizen Folder after its expiry date and no further action is required on your part.

First, reload the page where you are and where the error occurred. In certain situations, the processing assistant allows processing to continue even if an error has occurred. If the previous step does not help you, depending on the authentication and the point of submission, you can check by following these additional instructions:

  • If you have used a digital certificate to submit the application and the application is sent to one of the online entry registers belonging to the Generalitat Valenciana, check whether the application submitted appears in your Citizen Folder (in the applications submitted section) together with the supporting documents (remember that there is a short interval of a few minutes before this information is consolidated and available in the Personal Folder, wait a reasonable amount of time of at least 5 minutes before carrying out this verification). If you do not see the receipt, check whether the procedure appears as pending in the section on applications being created in your Citizen's Folder. In the latter case, it must be accessed and finalised. Please note that several pending procedures may appear, depending on whether you started more than one; in that case, you should check the one you wish to continue with.
  • If you did not use a digital certificate to submit your application and you were given the option to "Save the key" at the start of the application, you can use this key to check the status of your application. If the application is submitted, the system will indicate this with a message, and if it is not, it will allow you to continue from the point where you left off.

You can consult the details of your application once it has been completed, in this section you can consult the proof of submission and the details of the application submitted.

If you have used a digital certificate to submit the application and the application is destined for one of the Generalitat Valenciana's online entry registers, you can access your Citizen's Folder to check this. You will find the documentation submitted and proof of processing in the Applications Submitted section. Please note that there is a delay of a few minutes between completing the processing and the information appearing in your Citizens' Folder.

To check whether your application has been sent to an online entry register held by the Generalitat Valenciana, you can consult the PDF document provided by the processing assistant. In the register, and only if the application has been sent, a "Registration Number" section will appear with the assigned entry number.

  • If the procedure carried out does not have a digital signature, you can carry out the procedure again to correct this situation.
  • If the procedure carried out has a digital signature, you must make an enquiry via the email account


To solve this problem, go to the Java Panel, select the "Security" tab, and click on the "Edit list of sites" button. The "Site Exception List" window will open. Click on the "Add" button, select the empty field in the "Location" field in the centre of the window, and enter the URL:

Then click "OK" to save the entered URL. Click "Continue" in the "Security Warning" dialogue box.

Finally, click on "OK" to close the Java Control Panel.

If you have downloaded PDF files with completed forms but are unable to print them, please note that some procedures (usually not requiring certificate access) do not allow the form to be printed before the procedure has been completed. Once you have completed the validation step, you can proceed to the printing step. You will then be able to download a proof of submission, including the submitted forms, which you will be able to print out.

If the information shown on the receipt does not match the information entered during registration, it is probably a viewing problem. We recommend that you update your version of Adobe Reader to be able to view and print the PDF correctly.

Some procedures require documents to be attached. When accessing the procedure, point "1. You should know" explains whether the procedure requires a template to be downloaded before continuing with the procedure.

Subsequently, in step "3 Documents", you will be asked to attach the necessary documents, if the procedure requires this.

It is important that you check whether the documents to be attached are compulsory or optional, as, if they are compulsory, you will not be allowed to continue processing the application without attaching the corresponding document.

On the other hand, we recommend that you bear in mind the following considerations, as the types (extensions) of files accepted are specific to each procedure and are specified in the procedure itself, in the event that it allows files to be attached:

  • Check that file extensions are allowed.
  • Check that the size of the files does not exceed the maximum size allowed.

To resolve this situation, please perform the following steps:

  • Uninstall AutoFirm@ from your computer.
  • Download the latest version of AutoFirm@ from the following website:
  • Install AutoFirm@ as an Administrator and make sure all your browsers are closed during the process. This point is important, otherwise the application will not have permissions to perform the operations. You must right-click on the installer and click on "Run as administrator".

The possibility of retrieving the files submitted at the time of registration from the citizen folder has been available since 22/07/19.

IMPORTANT: for procedures prior to the set-up date, the documents submitted from the citizen's folder will not be available.